Parish Council

Parish Council

Parish Council Members serve a three-year term and three new members are elected each year.

 PARISH COUNCIL: The purpose of the Parish Council is to provide the structure by which the people of the parish can achieve a better understanding of the meaning and operation of St. Nicholas and of their Christian obligations to the parish, the community and the world. The Parish Council is an advisory and deliberating body, responsible for assisting the pastor in the initiation and development of policies, programs and procedures in the best interests of the parish as a whole. It does this by the awareness of all activities and needs, spiritual and temporal, of individuals in the parish and, when appropriate, of the community and the world. The Parish Council identifies resources available to conduct those activities to meet those needs, and it reports its decisions and actions to the parish by posting minutes on the bulletin board. Contact: Chairperson Margaret Bechtold – 301-776-6257;



Parish  Council Members 2015-16
Margaret Bechtold, President

Margaret Bechtold,


Sonia Bobis, Secretary

Sonia Bobis,


Andre Eba

Andre Eba,
Parish Council Member



Ezekiel Ajetunmobi

Ezekiel Ajetunmobi,
Parish Council Member


Charles Hall

Charles Hall,
Parish Council Member


Robert (Bob)

Robert (Bob) Dyke,
Parish Council Member


Pokuaa Owusu-Acheaw

Pokuaa Owusu-Acheaw,
Parish Council Member


Johnson Perianayagam

Johnson Perianayagam,
Parish Council Member


Genevieve Goerling,
Parish Council Member and Young Adult Liaison