Parish Life Ministries

Opportunities to help promote a thriving parish life
Parish Life Ministries are organizations that foster greater unity among parishioners and that provide administrative support.

BEREAVEMENT COMMITTEE: Members help provide refreshments after funerals. They make phone calls for food donations, set up, serve food and clean up after the reception. Each month a team is assigned to coordinate activities, as needed. Contact: Mary Vorsteg - 301-490-4160

CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUP: Members meet Wednesday evenings in the church to praise the Lord. More information is available at Contact: Benedict Olaleye – 301-604-0371;

CURSILLO: Cursillo is a weekend retreat experience for men and women held twice a year on a diocesan level to promote spiritual growth and the building of lay leadership. Ultreya is a monthly follow-up meeting that is open to all. CONTACT: Debbie Rausch – 301-498-8806;

St. Nicholas reinstituted an annual bazaar in October 2007 to celebrate the parish’s 40th anniversary. The bazaar is a major fundraiser for the church, and we invite everyone to participate. The bazaar is held on a Friday and Saturday in October. It includes handmade crafts, a bake sale, a boutique, raffles for gift baskets, the One-Grand raffle, and a food concession providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner while the bazaar is open. A planning meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month February - November. We need your participation, and donations to make this parish social event and fundraiser a success. Several subcommittees support the bazaar, and volunteers are needed:

Chair: Pat Farmer – 301-776-4645;

Crafts: Debbie Rausch – 301-498-8806,

Treasure Trove: Frances Tomassoni – 301-604-8994; and Mimi Nostro – 301-490-1361;

Gift Basket Raffle: Sharon Tredway – 301-490-6027;

Bake Sale: Donna Cellini – 301-317-0875; and Pat Schmidt – 301-490-3624;

Children's Activities: Pat Farmer – 301-776-4645;

Food Concession: Theresa Corbett – 301-317-5762;

One-Grand Raffle: Praxi Belandres  – 301-937-2412;

Welcome/Door Prizes/50/50 Raffle: Tita Banez – 301-490-8392;

Pages from the Past - Sale of Used Books, CDs and Videos: Rita Goerling,

Public Relations: Chair Debbie Rausch – 301-498-8806,

Finance Chair: Brandy Swanson,

FINANCE COUNCIL: Develops the annual parish budget and advises the pastor on monetary issues. Contact: Jim Donohue – 301-490-5621;

INTERNATIONAL CATHOLICS OF ST. NICHOLAS PARISH: An inclusive sodality/association of socially active members of St. Nicholas. Every person comes from a nation, and together we make up a kind of “United Nations.” Open to all parishioners. Meetings are held on the fourth Sunday of the month after the 11:30 a.m. Mass in the Cry Room. Contact: Dr. Justin Harris, president – 301-974-9902 and Jane Okebugwu, secretary – 240-462-9122;

MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE: Members consult on and execute maintenance plans and efforts for the church and rectory buildings. Efforts include plumbing, roofing, water drainage, sidewalks and parking lot, electrical, chair take-down and set-up, heating and cooling plant, paint, fall and spring clean-up events, Christmas lights, church lighting, review of insurance training, and other areas as needed. Committee meets Tuesday mornings after 8:30 Mass and as needed. Sense of humor critical to the maintenance mission. Contact: Chuck Murnane – 301-490-2503;

PARISH COUNCIL: The purpose of the Parish Council is to provide the structure by which the people of the parish can achieve a better understanding of the meaning and operation of St. Nicholas and of their Christian obligations to the parish, the community and the world. The Parish Council is an advisory and deliberating body, responsible for assisting the pastor in the initiation and development of policies, programs and procedures in the best interests of the parish as a whole. It does this by the awareness of all activities and needs, spiritual and temporal, of individuals in the parish and, when appropriate, of the community and the world. The Parish Council identifies resources available to conduct those activities to meet those needs, and it reports its decisions and actions to the parish by posting minutes on the bulletin board. Contact: Co-Chairpersons Pokuaa Owusu-Ocheaw ( or Mary Boivin (

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Members plan events to bring parishioners together for fun and fellowship in order to foster friendship and a sense of community. Contact: Sonia Bobis – 240-264-1821;

STEWARDSHIP: Stewardship is a way of living life with an attitude of gratitude. In recognition of all God has given us, we seek to share God’s goodness with others through our gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure. Contacts: Deacon Perry Iannaconi – 301-953-2251; and Kathy Schmitt – 301-325-3119;

VOTER INFORMATION: Voter information is available before the primary and general elections. Contact: Dave Ranaghan – 301-498-7649;

Maryland’s Primary Election day is on Tuesday, June 26. Early voting will be Thursday, June 14 through June 21. The Maryland Catholic Conference has surveyed all candidates for Governor, U.S. Congress, and the Maryland General Assembly. 
It is critical to remember that many races in our state are essentially decided in the primary, particularly in districts that historically elect only candidates from one party. There are 40 open seats in the Maryland General Assembly this year, and many races could be decided by fewer than 100 votes. 
While the Church does not support or oppose candidates, we do have a responsibility to explain the issues and encourage participation in the electoral process. 
Below are links where you can find the responses from the candidates in your district. You can filter the results by district, party, office and name to find the candidates running to represent you!
Additionally, Prince George's County is electing several candidates. 
Please make your vote count by participating in the Primary Election.