Laurel Winter Shelter

LAUREL WINTER SHELTER: This outreach ministry is a community-wide effort by churches and synagogues in the Laurel area to provide hospitality to the homeless. St. Nicholas hosts a men’s shelter (in the church) for one week in January each year. Volunteers are needed in direct service and support service to the homeless. This Winter Shelter Information Sheet has more information and descriptions of each volunteer opportunity.

Tom & Karen Arnold – 301-633-7795 (Coordinators)
Mary and Rick Boivin – 301-490-7207 (Assistant Coordinators)
Mimi Nostro – 301-490-1361 (Food Coordinator)

Latest Shelter News:

2019 Shelter Signups!
Many thanks to those who have signed up to do something or bring something!  Signups were quite successful! Primary remaining need is for one additional overnight staff person for Mon, Wed, and Fri nights, and of course more hands is always helpful for setting up the shelter after the Sunday 11:30 Mass on January 20th, and to do clean-up (6:00-7:30AM) on Sunday January 27th.   Please contact Tom Arnold 301-633-7795 if you can help out.

2019 Shelter Week - January 20 - 27
- Shelter hours: 6:30pm - 7:00am
- Daily Mass and and Weekend Masses follow normal schedule, but all other activities for the week are cancelled!

Hall Construction Impacts: Due to construction of the new hall,  the layout of the shelter will be modified from its usual configuration.  Also please note, we will NOT have any kitchen facilities, and hence no way to warm or re-warm food.  Food and supplies will staged through the Mother Teresa room (next to the choir room).